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Anodizing Additives



CASTELOX is an anodizing oxide (AAO) system designed to enhance the performance and aesthetics of aluminum, catering to a wide range of applications, including both conventional applications and more intricate uses involving high-silicon-containing cast aluminum alloys (> 7%).


CASTELOX addresses surface imperfections resulting from intermetallic silicon-rich zones in castings, improving the oxide uniformity, aesthetic, and functionality of cast alloys, thus expanding their applications across industries.

Enhanced appearance

The AAO microstructure makes surfaces smoother and improves the color quality of high silicon cast alloys by allowing better dye penetration and reducing fading, resulting in an improved appearance and production reproducibility. 

Cost effectiveness

Key benefits for the applicator include energy savings due to lower chilling costs and reduced power demand, and increased throughput resulting from a decreased tendency to burn and fewer rejects in the cast alloy.


Reduced processing times, energy and chemical consumption, and impact on wastewater streams make CASTELOX an inherently sustainable solution. 

CASTELOX treated brake caliper

Features & Benefits

  • High process efficiency, throughput and productivity
  • Improved AAO integrity, functionality, and visual quality
  • Reduced energy consumption and costs for cooling
  • Reduced burning tendency and fewer cast alloy rejects
  • Tailored to meet a wide range of requirements on a variety of casting surfaces
  • Impressive range of color options 
  • Eased management of post-sealing and dye absorption in coloring process

Reduced Cost. Superior Performance

Setting the industry standard for anodizing high silicone-containing aluminum castings, delivering an impressive new level of aesthetic and efficiency.

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