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Hard Chrome

ANKOR 1160

ANKOR 1160

ANKOR 1160 is an etch-free process for rapid deposition of hard chrome, designed for equipment operating at current densities up to 1000 A/dm² (10000 ASF), which yields deposition rates of up to ~50 µm/min (~2 mils/min) representing up to 50% cathodic efficiency. 

Operational advantage

The process chemistry is resistant to extreme operating conditions without degradation, providing consistent performance during long term operation at extreme levels of bath loading and throughput.  

Layering properties

ANKOR 1160 provides a bright, smooth deposit that exhibits an as-plated hardness of at least 900 HV 0.1, which is suitable for achieving the expected corrosion protection per ISO 9227 NSS. 


Macro-crack density is heavily dependent on the current density of the operation, with densities ranging from 80-100 cracks/cm at 1000 A/dm² in as-plated conditions prior to machining. 


This process is formulated specifically for use in self-sustaining, compact, and enclosed systems where actual chrome plating takes place in reactors, and not in open conventional tanks. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Bright, hard, wear and corrosion-resistant deposit
  • Ultra-high current density tolerance for specific applications
  • Robust process, suitable for zero-emission, closed loop operations
  • Liquid replenishment product enabling fully automatic dosing
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At MacDermid Enthone, we are committed to developing sustainable processes for the surface finishing industry. Our etch-free hard chrome solutions, including ANKOR 1160, provide a safe and sustainable solution, designed to deliver unmatched wear and corrosion resistance.

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