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Hard Chrome

ANKOR 1128

ANKOR 1128

ANKOR 1128 is an etch-free process for the rapid deposition of high-quality hard chrome, designed for equipment operating at current densities of up to 300 A/dm² (3000 ASF), typically with conforming anodes and current efficiencies of up to 31%. 

Deposit hardness

ANKOR 1128 deposits exhibit an as-plated-hardness of at least 1000 HV 0.1, which provides high resistance to wear. A smooth coating with a high crack count facilitates corrosion protection of up to 240h per ISO 9227 NSS testing. 


This process is suitable for use with either lead or platinum-plated titanium-conforming anodes, making it a more versatile system for facilities with specialized requirements. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Fluoride and fluoride by-product free
  • Bright, hard, and wear-resistant deposit
  • High current density tolerance for high productivity
  • Corrosion-resistant deposit up to 240h ISO 9227 NSS testing
  • Simple single-component system for superior ease of use
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At MacDermid Enthone, we are committed to developing sustainable processes for the surface finishing industry. Our etch-free hard chrome solutions, including ANKOR 1128, provide a safe and sustainable solution, designed to deliver unmatched wear and corrosion resistance.

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