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We deliver decorative and functional solutions that meet and exceed the industry’s most demanding standards, backed by superior process control and unmatched technical expertise.
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Driving style, function, value, and reliability

We create value throughout the entire supply chain by decreasing metal and chemical consumption, increasing productivity, and reducing process steps, all while helping OEMs meet objectives that range from fuel efficiency to corrosion protection.

an electric vehicle charging in a town square

Electric Vehicles

As the automotive industry continues to shift, new surface finishing opportunities and requirements are emerging. Our advanced technologies and industry-leading innovations are keeping our clients at the forefront, with solutions that optimize performance, extend vehicle range, and enhance durability.

closeup of a black anodized caliper

Brake systems

Our advanced technological solutions are designed to produce practical advantages while meeting the requirements for both automotive sector design and essential corrosion protection. Braking systems are a safety-critical component of automotive applications, and you can trust our expert team to deliver brake coating solutions that leading global OEMs are calling for. 

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Our comprehensive range of anti-corrosion coatings is specified and approved by all leading global automotive companies for conventional ICE and electric powertrain systems.

car interior trim

Interior and exterior decorative trim

Most automotive body trim, grills, and mirrors are made from plastic substrates - such as ABS and ABS alloys. Our production-proven, OEM approved, trivalent chromium portfolio, in combination with satin nickel, offers stunning combinations of bright to satin and white to dark finishes. Not only do they deliver a wide range of colors, but they also meet today's most demanding performance standards.

hand reaching for a car door to open it

Strikers and door latches

Surface treatments help to increase the life of ferrous components, improving the quality, look, and end-user experience. Specifying the correct protection helps to minimize warranty costs and mitigate the risk of in-use failure, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

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