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BRONZEX™ WJ is an alkaline, cyanide electroplating process for barrel applications, with a fully organic brightening system that produces a white bronze ternary alloy (copper-tin-zinc) deposit. It can be used as a topcoat or undercoat to palladium, gold, and other precious metals, as well as trivalent chromium.

Decorative applications

BRONZEX WJ creates a lustrous and exceptionally white, bright coating without nickel, addressing allergy concerns linked to nickel plating. This makes it an outstanding hypoallergenic choice for nickel-free uses in the decorative sector.

Operational advantage

BRONZEX WJ allows for higher speed plating, producing up to 1 micron in 3 minutes.

Functional applications

Thanks to the deposit hardness, wear and corrosion resistance, and solderability BRONZEX WJ can also be used for technical applications such as connectors.

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Features & Benefits

  • Nickel- and lead-free
  • High plating speed 
  • Fully organic brightening system
  • Excellent wear and corrosion resistance
  • Complies with the öKO-TEX 100, class 1 specification, RoHS, and REACH regulations.
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At MacDermid Enthone, we are driven by a safety-first culture that includes a commitment to health and safety for our people, our customers, and our planet. We are proud to offer nickel- and lead-free processes, including BRONZEX YLF solutions, improving worker and consumer safety, and eliminating known allergens from our processes and environment.

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