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Direct Metallization



UDIQUE DP Plus is a direct metallization process for plating on plastics. It eliminates process steps, such as the accelerator, electroless nickel, immersion copper, and/or copper strike required in conventional POP pre-treatment. UDIQUE DP Plus is a production-proven technology that delivers improved performance when compared to competitive direct-plate processes. 


Excellent adhesion properties make UDIQUE DP Plus perfectly suited for plating complex part geometries such as sharp borderlines and edges commonly plated in the automotive, building hardware, and decorative finishes industries.

Operational advantage

The process has a wide operating working window and can be used for selective plating (2K and 3K– components) or as a stop-off lacquer.

Cost effectiveness

UNIQUE DP Plus provides a low operating cost through reduced palladium content in the activator working solution while imparting a highly stable and uniform conductive layer for subsequent acid copper plating.

direct plating

Features & Benefits

  •  Wide operating window 
  •  Compatible with evolve™ chrome-free etch
  •  Lower palladium concentration when compared to existing direct metallization technologies
  •  Suitable for ABS & ABS/PC 
  •  Option of increased productivity 
  •  Reduced plating time
  •  Simplified maintenance
  •  Maintenance chemistry savings when compared to conventional processes

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