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Chrome-Free Etch

evolve BOND™

evolve BOND™

evolve BOND™ is a production proven, hexavalent chromium-free etching process for plating on plastics, that offers an environmentally sustainable solution for the full supply chain including applicators, Tier 1s, and manufacturers. 

Operational advantage

evolve BOND is compatible with most current plating lines. With its wide working window, the evolve BOND process is suitable for plating a wide range of complex geometry parts.


The evolve BOND chrome-free etching process is well suited for ABS, ABS/PC, and selective plating (used in automotive, sanitary, and building hardware applications), as well as PP (commonly employed in the cosmetic industry).

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Features & Benefits

  • Hexavalent chromium- and PFAS-free
  • Superior adhesion 
  • Excellent optical appearance 
  • Versatile process cycle 
  • Compatible with the conventional metallization cycle
  • Simple process control 
  • Resistance to rack metallization
  • High stability
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We are committed to delivering safe and sustainable pre-treatment solutions for plating on plastics applications. Our innovative technologies offer safe, reliable, and future-focused Cr(VI)-free etching solutions that meet today's regulatory requirements while preparing you for the future. 

Process Steps

evolve BOND™ 
Prepares the plastic surface and ensuring uniform pre-etching
evolve BOND™ EtchEnsures maximum adhesion of the subsequent metallic layers
evolve BOND™ NeutralizerRemoves any trace of etching solution from the fully water-wetted surface of the plastic substrate
evolve BOND™ ProtectPrevents rack metallization, used in the plating line
evolve BOND™ Conditioner Palladium adsorption promoter
evolve™ ActivatorA stable colloidal palladium activator catalyzing rapid coverage by an electroless nickel deposit
evolve™ Accelerator Exposes the activator core, ensuring rapid initiation in the electroless process
evolve™ Electroless Nickel Highly stable system depositing a conductive nickel layer in preparation for electroplating

Sustainability has never looked so bright

evolve™ and evolve BOND™ processes successfully replace conventional etching chemistry and meet current and pending environmental regulations. These processes improve worker safety and deliver high-quality finishes, all while reducing worries about supply chain sustainability.

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