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Anodizing Additives



ALUMAL ELOX 557 is a specially formulated additive system that delivers the performance of oxide layers and the overall efficiency of the anodizing process by optimizing the anodic oxide layer quality at the nanopore level. 

Layer performance

ALUMAL ELOX 557 delivers increased hardness, wear resistance, ductility, dye receptivity, and seal efficiency to the anodic oxide layer. 

Operational advantage

Allows for higher aluminum concentration of up to 20g/l, reducing scheduled maintenance and extending the life of the anodizing solution. 

Cost effectiveness

To the applicator, energy savings and increased throughput are key benefits.


Reduced processing times, energy and chemical consumption, and impact on wastewater streams make ALUMAL ELOX 557 an inherently sustainable solution. 

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Features & Benefits

  • QUALANOD Approved QND 015
  • Energy savings of up to 20% (on reduced cooling costs) 
  • Electricity savings of up to 12% (lower voltages) 
  • Improved color depth, sharpness, and resistance to fading 
  • Reduced sealing additive and sulfuric acid consumption
  • Improved anodizing layer properties and quality 

Experience ALUMAL ELOX 557

Explore how ALUMAL ELOX 557's proprietary chemistry delivers enhanced sustainability, unmatched performance, operational efficiency, and the highest quality finishes. 

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