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Zinc Alloys



ZINCROLYTE™ KCL-NI IV is a mildly acidic, highly efficient zinc-nickel finishing solution for fast deposition. It produces semi-bright to bright zinc-nickel alloy layers with a nickel content of 10 to 16%.   


ZINCROLYTE KCL-NI IV is the go-to solution for the most difficult substrate materials, including high carbon cast iron components. Reliably achieving the requirements specified for automotive brakes by tier 1s and OEMs, it is widely used in brake cast iron components. 

Cost effectiveness

When used in combination with the ZINCROLYTE APS membrane anode system, material savings and waste reduction are achieved, delivering cost savings and unmatched consistency. 

Brake sample

Features & Benefits

  • Ammonia-free
  • Adjustable gloss levels from semi-bright to bright
  • Suitable for rack and barrel applications
  • High throughput finishes with excellent coverage and LCD-throwing power combined with high HCD burning resistance 
  • Mild complexing agents for improved wastewater treatment
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At MacDermid Enthone, safety and sustainability are at the heart of innovation. With a comprehensive portfolio of ammonia-free solutions, including ZINCROLYTE KCL-NI IV, we are proud to deliver future-focused surface finishing solutions to customers worldwide. 

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