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FINIDIP 128 Series

FINIDIP 128 Series

FINIDIP 128 Series is a collection of high-performance zinc-nickel alloy passivates that reliably meet automotive OEM specified requirements, with and without the use of a sealer as a final finish.

Layering properties

The FINIDIP 128 Series yields uniform transparent to blue finishes providing high corrosion protection to the underlying zinc-nickel coating and an excellent adhesion base for any subsequent final finish.

Friction control

Friction adjustment is available from a range of FINIGARD and Torque’N’Tension lubricated sealers enabling specific coefficient of friction and torque tension characteristics. 


The FINIDIP 128 Series is easy to tailor to the unique operating characteristics of any installation or piece of operating equipment.

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Features & Benefits

  • Cr(VI)-free 
  • Appealing transparent to blue color cast surface finish
  • Reliable with high corrosion protection
  • Excellent base for final sealer finishes
  • Very good heat resistance 
  • Suitable for rack and barrel applications
  • Cobalt- and fluoride-free options available
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We focus our R&D efforts on developing future-friendly solutions that help our customers achieve their sustainability and regulatory goals. This includes a focus on developing Cr(VI)-free technologies and environmentally compliant processes, such as FINIDIP 128. 

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