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Oil and gas

Oil and gas applications require tough surface finishing solutions designed to outlast even the most challenging environments and conditions.
oil mining site in winter

Tough. Resistant. Efficient.

The petroleum and chemical process industries require efficient, reliable, and durable electroless plated finishes including nickel-phosphorus alloy, diffused nickel, and composite coatings. With a rich history of delivering innovative solutions to the global oil and gas industry, MacDermid Enthone is your partner for onshore and offshore applications.

oil rig pipes

Offshore & onshore operations

Common applications in this industry include valves, chokes, blowout preventers, mud pumps, sucker rods, submergible pumps, pipes, heat exchangers and separators, packers, safety valves, production tubing, and all types of down-hole tools.

a man in a red jacket performing safety check on an oil rig

MacDermid Offshore Solutions

MacDermid Offshore Solutions provides products and services for the offshore industry. Coupled with our unmatched technical support, we help to ensure that components will last their intended field life. We have a deep understanding of the interdisciplinary needs and the complex interactions of the industry, supply chain, and supporting technologies.

Technology Overview

Wear resistant coatings

MacDermid Enthone surface finishing solutions deliver freedom of shape through perfect coating thickness distribution, offering the desirable fatigue strength that high alloy stainless steel solutions can’t deliver.

Electroless nickel

These deposits may contain up to 13% phosphorus by weight and, unlike typical electroplating processes, they are produced without any externally applied electric current.

Typically, these applications use high phosphorus coatings of 25 to 75 μm (1 to 3 mils) thicknesses to achieve optimum corrosion resistance in aggressive brines, acids, and gasses. These deposits have complete uniformity across the component, regardless of shape, size, and complexity. These properties make electroless nickel ideal for both onshore and offshore coatings on ferrous substrates. 

With a full portfolio of electroless nickel technologies, we are developing industry-leading solutions that deliver unmatched protection and wear resistance, while reducing operational costs. 

Hard chrome

ANKOR hard chrome is used in oil & gas applications for its proven record of high hardness, excellent wear resistance, and unmatched lubricity.

Zinc & zinc alloys

Zinc-based coatings remain the most cost-effective and widely available coatings for steel substrates. Our zinc-nickel alloy coatings are commonly used to maximize the operating life of steel substrate engineering components used in energy production, storage, and distribution. 

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