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Fashion and packaging materials

MacDermid Enthone fashion solutions don’t just finish luxury items, they complete them. Our innovative precious metal technology and artful aesthetics give the brand owner the ability to direct the course of fashion and the decision making of consumers.
arrangement of purse, shoes and glasses with metallic elemnets

Beauty. Durability. Diversity. Safety.

We partner our customers to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly processes that deliver a broad range of colors, precise karat and cadmium-free gold alloys, as well as health and safety compliant alloys for precious and non-precious metal processes that make finished goods look and perform their best.

Gold-plated earing


Using decorative plating and electroforming processes in jewelry production allows for the creation of intricate designs, prevents tarnishing, and enables the use of cost-effective base metals, while achieving the appearance of more expensive materials. Our collection of hypoallergenic under-layers and final finishes not only extends the longevity of jewelry but also mitigates production challenges, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined manufacturing experience. 

Gold Plated Eye ware frame


In response to concerns about nickel-induced allergies from skin contact, regulations have limited the use of nickel coatings on items like eyewear. The eyewear industry has adapted by prioritizing designs that reduce skin contact, employing materials like plastic or silicon, and using alternative finishes. Offering production-proven alternatives to conventional nickel finishes, our replacement systems continue to satisfy essential criteria within the industry, such as enabling appealing designs, maintaining frame shape during daily use, resisting corrosion from perspiration, and ensuring durability.

Selection of cosmetics packaging in shades of pink and gold

Packaging design

From plastic fragrance and lipstick caps to zinc die-cast parts for caps used on cognac and Armagnac bottles, plating and electroplating play a central role in enhancing the final product with a smooth and uniform appearance. As plastic parts are not conductive, several chemical steps are necessary, from cleaning and etching to pre-plating with copper, nickel, and chromium, or more noble materials such as gold. 

Technology Overview

Surface Preparation

Removing oil, grease, and general soils from metals such as aluminum, brass, magnesium, and steel is a critical step in any surface treatment process. The MacDermid range of Clepo, ISOPREP, and METEX cleaners are proven to provide a chemically clean surface in demanding conversion coating, electroplating, and pre-paint applications.

The range includes:

  • Non-etch cleaners for light metals
  • Etches for aluminum
  • Soak degreasers for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Electrolytic cleaners for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Plating on Plastics

Plastics such as ABS are used for fittings such as shower facia and controls. This material requires a specialized Plating on Plastic pre-treatment system. New engineering plastics such as PEEK, Nylon, and Ultem can also be metalized using the surface activation process. As these plastics are generally more durable than ABS, they offer the design engineer options to replace metal substrates with plastic. In combination with the surface activation process, the finished component retains the important metallic feel.

With a comprehensive portfolio of surface finishing solutions for Plating on Plastics, we partner with design engineers to deliver unmatched aesthetics and exceptional performance. 

Precious Metal Coatings

Our experts will assist you in obtaining the best harmony and color details among accessories that provide precise metal finishes on jewels with stones, shape different buckles in harmony with zippers, or add your logo in association with the appropriate clasp and hinge metal finish. Our wide portfolio of colors allows designers to choose from the whitest silver to the darkest ruthenium, shades of golden hues, bright or matte finishes, smooth or textured, and techno or vintage effects. 

Golden plating remains the quintessential way of enhancing optical frames through alloyed palladium or gold deposits. 

Explore our decorative precious metals portfolio to find out more. 

Light Metal Processes

Aluminum is widely utilized in perfume and cosmetics packaging due to its various advantageous properties. Its lightweight nature makes it ideal for portable products, and its durability ensures protection of the contents. Aluminum provides an effective barrier against light, air, and moisture, preserving the integrity and longevity of perfumes and cosmetics. The material's malleability allows for intricate designs and customization, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of packaging. Being fully recyclable, aluminum is a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solution for the beauty industry.

From conventional processes to tailor-made solutions, our light metals portfolio is designed to optimize the performance and appearance of even the most complex aluminum alloys. 

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