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Found on the inner and outer surfaces of everyday appliances, count on MacDermid Enthone surface finishing solutions to protect the products that you rely on.
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Combining corrosion resistance, versatility, and ease of maintenance

In areas of high use, including fascia surrounds, handles, and buttons, our extensive portfolio provides the perfect surface finishing solution to enhance component durability and aesthetic.

an arrangement of big and small household appliances

From refrigerators and coffee machines to stereos and tools, components plated with long-lasting and engaging coatings can be found just about anywhere. We provide highly functional and cost-effective solutions for every step of the manufacturing process, from decorative fashion finishes to PFOS-free mist suppressants and hexavalent-chromium-free environmentally friendly coatings. 

Technology overview

Anti-corrosion coatings

Zinc, coupled with a trivalent chromium passivate, provides an exceptionally corrosion-resistant and electrically conductive finish at an economical cost. 

MacDermid Enthone offers a full range of trivalent passivates that are all hexavalent chromium-free. Cobalt-free systems are also available.

Electroless nickel

Electroless nickel coatings are applied to a wide variety of substrates with both simple and complex geometries. They improve key characteristics such as appearance, electrical conductivity, corrosion, and wear resistance.

Where a design engineer needs to achieve the best wear resistance, medium phosphorous electroless nickels are the preferred choice. High phosphorus deposits are recommended to deliver the maximum corrosion resistance possible. 

With a comprehensive range of electroless nickel technologies, we partner to deliver unmatched wear resistance and to meet the aesthetic and connectivity requirements of the appliance industry. 

Decorative coatings

Decorative chromium is plated on both plastic and metal substrates. Our trivalent chromium portfolio, in combination with satin nickel, offers stunning combinations of bright to satin and white to dark finishes. Not only do they deliver a wide range of colors and finishes, but they also meet today's most demanding performance standards.

Anodizing and conversion coatings

Before domestic appliances receive their final painted finish, they need the correct preparation and base coating to ensure maximum adhesion of the organic coating. Our anodizing range includes degreasers, etches, and sealers for both aluminum and its alloys.

IRIDITE™ NCP, a chromium-free passivate, provides both high adhesion values for subsequent organic coatings as well as excellent corrosion resistance.

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